• John has been driving across the country in a truck. 
    • Title comes from talking about the rock 'n roll vibe of a lot of guys in trucks across the nation. 
  • "There's a version of how this goes, and they're not staying up all night worrying about it." -MM, said of those in the middle of the country who are disengaged from the conversation of the coasts and the Internet. The "idea storms." 18 minutes. 
  • Everyone sees themselves as a goddamn counterculture. 
  • Discussion of firemen, fire stations. 
  • Discussion of hats. European hat etiquette. Never ask a question without taking your hat off. 
  • Discussion of airplanes and back of seat screens. Robo announcements and security theatre. 
  • Airport staffing. A Frontier Airlines story. 
  • Automated phone trees as "phone jail." -MM